Review: Fokofpolisiekar – Droom Hoog EP

Die Bende are back with a five-track banger

2017 ended on a high for Fokofpolisiekar and fans, and 2018 is proving to be no different. One year on from the highly-anticipated release of ‘Selfmedikasie’, Fokofpolisiekar unveil five new songs on its unrelenting musical continuum.

The band’s latest work is a knock-on effect from the momentum of ‘Selfmedikasie’, fuelled by their legion of fans who resuscitated their 11-year long dormancy with a successful crowdfunding campaign. While ‘Droom Hoog’ draws parallels with ‘Selfmedikasie’ in a broader new-sound pastiche, and also comes with a dozen Fokof Lagers in a limited edition Fokof Lager box, it’s the retrospective dissections into the life of a band making the most of its second wind that differentiates it from any other Fokof album or EP.

‘Droom Hoog’ is Fokof’s most euphoric release to date. It oozes fun and mischief, it’s rough around the edges, and comes across sounding effortless, like they’ve rocked up to studio in a good mood, plugged in, played and recorded in one take. It’s far from the angst of ‘Brand Suid-Afrika’ and ‘Antibiotika’, but packs a punk-rock punch in the same vein as their debut EP, ‘As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand’, making it unmistakably Fokof. What fans won’t expect though is its surprisingly honest and introspective take on ageing, self-loathing and success.

“The EP is a brain fart. It is unpolished and unravels at the seams and I love it like that!” – Hunter Kennedy

Nuances of longing for reliving the good times are celebrated with moments like ‘Die illusie van veiligheid’s’ familiar guitar lick and the tribute to merch guy and Wynand Myburgh doppelganger Alan Meyer, “Alan, hoeveel kos die t-shirts?”. Elsewhere, blurbs like “Dries se vet vingers” and “Fok ander; dit is die sleutel tot a befokte lewe!” synchronise with subliminal one-liners that play out like voices in your head, while whoo-whoos, boisterous backing vocals, and plenty f-bombs, bear testament to how much the band is relishing making music again.

Influences of the band members’ other musical endeavours have crept in – which comes with a natural progression of successful musicians – but Fokof manage to navigate a new direction without drifting too far from their core. ‘Droom Hoog’ is another EP that will (hopefully) prove instrumental for another full-length album.

‘Droom Hoog’ is available as a limited-edition CD in 2018 Fokof Lager boxes (only 3000 available) and is a must for any Fokof die-hard. Get it delivered to your door with Yuppiechef.

You can also get ‘Droom Hoog’ here or on your preferred digital music platform.

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