EP Review: Stone Jets – ‘Memory’

Their music has been described as Mzansi-pop-rock, kwela-soul and self-proclaimed “toe-tapping music”. Throw in a bit of “vibrant afro-pop” into the mix, along with traditional elements, and you get a clear sense of Stone Jets’ sound. But, however categorised, the trio’s essence lies in the thing so many artists plying their trade in 2018 struggle to put their finger on… relevance.

Stone Jets have succeeded where so many South African musicians and bands have become redundant. Given, Manfred and Eduan collectively have their finger on the pulse, connecting with audiences by taking the music to listeners and giving them what they want to hear.

If their brand of music has taught us anything, it’s to not take things too seriously. If you’re caught up in the live-in-the-moment culture, or if life is happening too quickly and you’re searching for an outlet, one listen to Stone Jets will shake up your psyche. And their latest offering is just that – an intervention curated for you to press pause, or to hit eject, uplift and go back to what’s true to you.

stone-jets_laura-mccullagh_9836 (1)
Stone Jets | by Laura McCullagh

On their follow-up to What I Say, Stone Jets hit a trajectory on Memory that radiates fun-filled, nostalgic happiness. Moments and stories locked away in the subconscious are shared through song, evoking a yearning for the past and revealing personal tribulations with which one can comprehend. The reoccurring lyric remember, remember, remember, in the opening track, I can’t live without you, subtly reinforces this notion. Furthermore, on the closing track, You Gotta Be Crazy, vocalist Given reminisces:

 I took a taxi

It was raining outside

Going back at Kasi, to the place I call my home

Sat down by the window

Looking for a quiet time

Along came a girl…

Theta nami Mntasekhaya (Talk to me my friend)

Theta nami Ndi’nga vuya (Talk to me, that would make me happy)

Memory speaks to the listener. It’s a convergence of journeys marked by reflection and progression. It’s a seven-track EP – a compendium to savour the introspective moments devoid of the ever-present now.

Stand-out tracks: How Can You, You Gotta Be Crazy

Click here for more info on where to get Memory.


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