Stone Jets return with new single ‘How Can You’

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye over Cape Town-based Stone Jets since the What I Say EP review. Fast forward nine months and founding members Given Nkanyane and Manfred Klose have been incubating a new addition for their body of work, and now have the world at their feet with new single, How Can You.

Since What I Say is considered as their “CV into the industry”, Stone Jets’ latest single could be seen as another stepping stone to cementing the band as stalwarts of the SA pop-rock scene. The duo has slowly but surely cultivated a brand of vibrant afro-pop, and they’re playing their cards right by not trying to do too much too quickly.

On the back of the success of What I Say, Stone Jets has refined its sound slightly with  How Can You. There’s the familiar hint of the foot-tapping vibes – albeit with the deftest of touches – but vocalist and bass-man Given Nkanyane showcases his sleight of hand as bass lines limbo around his distinctive soulful voice, while Klose’s harmonising guitar notes perfectly permeate the soundscape. The rhythm section is rounded off by Eduan Joubert who solidifies his place as the mainstay beat-maker.

In a time of digitisation, the hallmark of today’s musician or band is rooted in its true essence – if what is recorded in studio can be performed live, and well! Stone Jets produces and performs music in its most organic form – the harmony between guitar, bass and drums means there’s little need for a sugar-coated sound enhanced by electronic effects, elaborate post-production, or subliminal lyrical metaphors.

Get How Can You on iTunes or on most digital platforms.


Stone Jets | Photo: Laura McCullagh

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