Sip on this: Camelthorn Weiss

I was pleasantly surprised to come across the Camelthorn Weiss beer in the fridges at Murrayfield Cellars recently. Camelthorn Brewing Co produced some infamous brews some years back, but its taps ran dry after its owners struggled to keep the microbrewery afloat, resulting in a popular favourite going MIA.

Nevertheless, the Namibian-crafted beer has landed back on the shelves, complete with a new look. Turns out Namibia Breweries Ltd has propelled the brand back onto the beer market by acquiring the Camelthorn Brewing Co.

The character of the Camelthorn Weiss lies in its simplicity – modest, yet unmistakable citrus flavours permeate any parched palette.

The Camelthorn Weiss beer is bracingly crisp and quenching from the first sip. This distinctive Weiss is brewed with Lemondrop hops and exudes far-reaching citrus notes along with the usual Bavarian-style aromas. In contrast to traditional weiss beers, the Camelthorn’s composition is exuded by its clarity rather than its opaqueness, giving it a unique African twist.

Another Namibian-brewed beer to stock in your bar fridge along with the likes of Tafel Lager and Stellenbrau’s Jonkers Weiss. Grab some Camelthorns at Murrayfield Cellars.



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