New video captures Lucy Kruger in her temperamental splendour

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys release the music video for Black Spot, the second single off the full-length album, Summer’s Not That Simple.

In collaboration with filmmaker, Joff, Lucy Kruger’s progressive artistic approach to musicianship is displayed in a visual dissection into her psyche. “Black Spot explores that part of ourselves that we often ignore. The room in the house that we carefully open to squeeze something in, then quickly shut again so that it doesn’t all come tumbling out.”

The four-minute film is a surreal and mysterious spectacle that captures Kruger in her temperamental splendour. In the midst of a cast of grotesquely-feathered choreographers, she quietly chants: “…my mind’s unstable, so I sharpen up my claws to remove these evening thoughts,” as the human-hybrids gracefully encircle her. Kruger’s body then descends into the void, where detached limbs perform in bottomless depths, before she’s hoisted celestially, and finally consoled.

There’s a peculiar congruency of the dancing creatures’ charm and the Lost Boys’ rhythmic arrangements. Andre Leo, Lucas Swart, Calvin Siderfin and Werner von Waltsleben conjure up swelling walls of sound and engulf Kruger with drowned-out drums, swaying bass licks, and echoing guitar effects, with enough delicateness to not smother her. Kruger’s crisp, collected and hauntingly beautiful vocals – which transcend across the entire album – project perfectly to the fore, like an illuminating light shimmering in the darkness.

A tainted summer

“Summer’s not that simple for me darling; somehow I seem to miss the calling; now all the girls seem to be enlightened, but I slept late and I’m behind them.”

The full-length album, Summer’s Not That Simple, was released in May, and is a “collection of conversations expressed with a single voice and a sea of guitars.” Recorded at Digital Forest Studios during the spring, autumn and winter of 2016, the album has a contradictory effect threaded throughout it. Drawing contrasts like the harshness of winter and the warmth of summer, the songs are sombre, mysterious and intense, while at the same time, they’re subtle, intimate and full of promise, stretching your emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other.

The pair of singles, Winter and Black Spot, only scratch at the surface of Lucy Kruger’s song-writing grandeur. Strange Words embarks on a nautical journey of delightfully smooth vocals and introspective lyrics, enhanced by warm guitar tones, oscillating strings, and a plucky banjo. With its dreamy guitar effect and sweeping percussion, Could We Leave This brims with intimacy and leaves you in its wake as you drift off, pondering what could be.

Buy/listen to Summer’s Not That Simple here

The album is also available on vinyl which you can get from Permanent Record.

Photos: Fanjan Combrink

Lucy Kruger 1_photo by Fanjan Combrink


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