Album Review: Shape of the Sun – Lonely Lungs EP

Shape of the Sun releases Lonely Lungs – the second EP in the three-part body of work.

​Shape of the Sun is the brainchild of Nate Linek – an obsessive-compulsive independent rock/pop musician – who single-handedly writes, records and performs a brand of compelling alt/rock out of Columbus, Ohio.

As his bio suggests, the magic happens in his basement, and the recording process unfolds once the kids go to sleep. Yes, Linek takes dad-rock to the next-level, epitomizing the modern multi-tasking musician. So much so that the struggles he portrays on his latest EP, Lonely Lungsare influenced by striking a balance between family, work and creating music: “Lonely Lungs is definitely more personal – it’s all really specific to my feelings and what’s going on inside my head”.

Linek’s lifestyle of compromise and balance instils an aura of intimacy and honesty in his work, which infiltrates into the sentiment on Lonely Lungs. The anecdotal lyrics are profound and thought-provoking, while the musical arrangements are multifaceted, designed to breathe life into your existence.

I Feel Like I Feel‘s reverberating bass line rattles your rib cage, while the heart beat-like percussion that kicks in after the fuzz-filled intro, stabilizes the distortion, preventing any lonely lungs from bursting out of their chest cavity.

In My Brain is no-nonsense alt/rock with an organic undertone, and sounds like a Band of Horses/Manchester Orchestra mash-up.

Shake & Move is the third and final track, and about halfway through, Linek drifts away on a psychedelic tangent – complete with a Hammond-organ effect and singing in a John Lennon-like tone – “She’s a lovely girl, when she’s in your bed; it’s another world when she’s in your head”.

Linek puts his heart and soul into his music, which rings true on Lonely Lungs, as he tightens the strings and refines what he conveys in his musicianship, more than ever before.

Listen to Shape of the Sun’s Lonely Lungs EP here.

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